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The Doctor
The Doctor
Gallifreyan. Scientist. Time Lord. Theta Sigma.

The Lonely God. The Bringer of Darkness. The Destroyer of Worlds.

All names he has known, and all, in their ways true. But for all intents and purposes, he is simply The Doctor.

An exceptionally long-lived alien, The Doctor travels through time and space, exploring and discovering and more often than not, righting wrongs and protecting people and worlds from the forces that would do them harm. He travels through the dimensions in the TARDIS, a craft disguised as an old British police call box, and is usually joined by a Companion, who shares his travels and adventures.

Approximately 900 years old and currently in his tenth physical incarnation, The Doctor may well be the very last of his kind in the universe. This, however, shows no signs of slowing him down.
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This is an in-character journal for the character of the Tenth Doctor for the purposes of roleplaying and fiction writing only. The writer does not claim to be either The Doctor nor David Tennant, the actor portraying him.

The Doctor may be found writing in:

Spoilers for current series will be labeled as such.

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