The Doctor (doctor_dances) wrote,
The Doctor

[thetenspot] 167 - TEN miracles you've witnessed

167 - TEN miracles you've witnessed

1. The birth of a planet, when enough rocks got together and stuck. Since no one else was around, I called it "Bob".

2. The Beatles' appearance on the Ed Sullivan show.

3. The very first pass of a comet over a populated planet. People come up with the most amazing stories about them.

4. Opening night of Hamlet. It was as though the English language just in that moment found its reason to exist.

5. I got away with wearing a vegetable on my coat as a boutonniere. Very much a miracle.

6. Seeing a star collapse into a black hole. From well back, of course.

7. I've watched people fall in love.

8. And I've attended many births.

9. Sunrise on Gallifrey.

10. All of my most recent Companions, gathered around the TARDIS console, celebrating.
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